What do you think of my cheeky headline for this article’s title? Have you given any thought as to why this post might just be cleverly inventive? Okay, if you’re feeling tired and drained from all your exertions today, I’ll give you a break and I’ll do the explaining. Oh, and you don’t need to explain. You don’t need to tell me why you’re feeling, oh, so tired right now. I think I know why. And let me be straightforward with you. While I know that most of you have good, strong careers to look forward to everyday and you all work pretty hard to put food on the table and provide yourselves and your families with all that they need and a good nest egg to look forward to in the future, it’s not that. Your hard work may be paying off but it’s not the real reason why you’re so tired.

The real reason why you are always feeling so tired is because your body is lacking in healthy exercise and quite possibly a proper balanced diet as well. This short article is, I hope, a tongue in cheek approach towards setting yourself up for vitality and all-round good health next year. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime to snap up a well-balanced healthy exercise plan or two.  This year is almost finished, so I imagine many of you may have given up hope of starting a new exercise schedule or making necessary changes to your diet at this stage. Many of you are thinking of upcoming festivities so there’s going to be a proclivity towards overindulging in any case.

Also, there’ll be last-minute work commitments to look forward to and then there’s the children and the rest of the family coming down for the holidays. All this leaves little or no time for exercise. Not for even ten minutes of your busy day? Oh, come on now, that has got to be the lamest excuse in the book. My headlined cheekiness was deliberately chosen to work as a metaphor for our daily busy lives, always on the go, so much so that when it comes to eating, you think you’ve only got time to grab food to go, mostly junk food, I might add.

Seeing as though many of you reading this are professional working women. Seeing as though there may be some of you who are already running your own businesses or in the process of setting up your first start-up entrepreneurial business, perhaps you’ve picked up this famous book during your research and development practices. Have any of you heard of the book to do with the ‘four hour working week’. I must admit that I haven’t made time to read this and am still trying to figure out how is it possible to work for just four hours a week and be successful in making more money than ever before.

Perhaps it’s an exaggeration but it’s certainly not impossible to achieve more in less time. Office hours are passé. That’s also one of the reasons why some of you have taken the bold step to go it alone with your own business. You’ve become frustrated with the working hours and you want to be more flexible and free. That’s a good move. Congratulations on taking that step. In the greater scheme of things, I do believe that it’s a smart move towards healthy living. Managing your own time well is yet another portion of healthy living aspects.

Okay, so now you’re thinking I’m also full of excuses. You’re thinking I haven’t got the time to read through a short manual on how to work the four hour week. Well, my excuse, if it can be one for now, was that I was so busy with other books. But a number of them all had to do with effective time management. I work for myself too, you see. And I’m new in the self-starter game myself, so there’s a lot for me to learn and manage on my own for the first time. But I’ve had a preoccupation or two on that mysterious four hour week. My thought was that if such things can be accomplished, if successful women can be as brilliant at time management and multi-tasking as many of them are, then everyone, I repeat, everyone has time for just ten minutes of intense exercise a day.

Those who don’t have the time can easily accommodate this. But this, be warned, is high intensity exercise. Every muscle will be churning and burning out those excess calories. This is not for those who are just starting out on the exercise mat. Those who are overweight need to be a little more careful than others. A longer, low-key workout, say of forty-five minutes duration at a minimum of three times a week should be a good starting point. But do reserve the rest of your week for something else. Go for long walks over the weekend and sign up for a session or two at the gym to learn from a private instructor how to train properly.

Written by Gemma