What would you consider your most critical thirst? Is it when you crave the caffeine thrill to boost your wake up in the morning? Could it be when you are hot, sweaty and dehydrated after an intense workout? Is it when your mouth is as dry as a cotton ball after speaking for what seemed like hours at a workplace meeting?

Health experts and nutritionists will always advise to quench that thirst with water. Before imbibing in a morning brew, it is advised to rehydrate a body that has been water deprived throughout a sleep cycle lasting six hours or longer. Practically everyone knows that common sense dictates a large glass of cool water to replenish after a workout. And nothing tastes better to wet your whistle after a speech than a sip of water. But is that really the best hydrator?

Although water usually tops the list of best hydrating liquids, by adding a little sumpin’-sumpin’ to plain, old water, it can become a super drink. Just check out these thirst satisfying ideas:

  • Lemon Water – Improve digestion, ease indigestion and nausea, and improve detoxifying liver function.
  • Herbal Tea – There is almost an endless variety of beneficial herbal teas. Hibiscus tea can help lower cholesterol levels; Mint tea can help relieve inflammation; Linden flower tea is widely used for colds and headaches. Rather than stock the medicine cabinet, stock the cupboard with tea tins.
  • Vegetable Juice – If you have a blender or juicer, rather than eat a salad, toss in the greens along with any other healthy vegetable, add water, and blend until you have a pitcher full of fresh juice. Full of wonderful health benefits, the very first thing you should notice is beautiful skin.
  • Coconut Water – Rather than grab a sugary sports drink after a work-out, opt for healthy coconut water. It is rich in natural electrolytes and vital minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and sodium.
  • Flavored Ice – In addition to adding flavorful fresh fruit, like lemon and orange slices, to water, puree or chop fresh fruit and freeze in ice trays. Not only do you have a tasty treat slowly adding flavor to a glass of water, but you have a bit of colorful eye candy adding to the drink’s appeal.
  • Fruit Seltzer – Got a craving for soda? Rather than poison the pancreas with a high sugar soda, select a favorite healthy fruit juice and mix with bubbly seltzer. There are so many health benefits to juices from oranges, pomegranates, grapes and cranberries. They cleanse the urinary tract, give an antioxidant boost and supply a body with vitamin C.

I was so happy to find out these alternatives to water. I faithfully hydrate with water every day but, the truth is, sometimes drinking only water just gets boring. I have to admit that I get cravings for something else. Anything else. And, I feel a bit guilty if I don’t drink all the water I know that I should. Now I can not only be a “good girl”, I can be a “super girl” drinking “super drinks”. When you begin to drink your best, you soon begin to feel your best and look your best.


Written by Gemma