One of the most important aspects in regard to planning your big changes for the New Year is organization. You need proper planning to schedule your future events so that they operate smoothly and in tandem with your everyday life. From past experience, I learned that trying to do too much leads to abject failure. Once the first hurdle is missed, some women tend to give up for another year. Some even have the audacity to shrug their shoulders and say; ‘oh well, at least I tried’. Since when? Where was the effort?

A week into the new year is hardly trying now is it? Two weeks on the go and we might have some business to discuss. Three months down the line and if you’ve stuck to your plan then you’ve already made progress. Now that’s trying. Another important aspect of proper planning in regard to changing your life from a sedentary and, in many cases, grossly unhealthy one, to a wholesomely healthy life that is also a happy one, is creating a good balance. You don’t want to be too focused on just going to the gym.

You want to be doing other things as well. Something else is very important. Your diet. That must be looked at in depth as well. This is particularly the case if you’ve been eating very badly and now you’re grossly overweight. By eating badly, you’ve been taking in very fatty, starchy and sugary foods that are mostly processed. Making the switch from these to foods that are entirely healthy and natural can be quite hard in the beginning but this transformation can be managed well in small stages.

Look on the funny side of life. Take time out to laugh at yourself in the mirror every once in a while and make threatening remarks at your torso, saying that soon, all those jelly rolls will be a thing of the past. Ha ha ha! There you go, that’s how you do it. Laugh out loud. You can take a fun-filled and tasty approach to dieting life by including juicing and smoothies into your healthy eating plans. Juicing basically means that you’re going to be making your own fruit and vegetable juices at home from now on.

Making your own smoothies will be similar but here you’ll be using a different set of ingredients and creating different taste sensations. You’ll be feeding your rehabilitating body with a different menu of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Like your exercise plan for next year, you’ll be enjoying a whole lot of variety while practicing your healthy eating habits. There won’t ever be any need to excuse yourself from the plan out of sheer boredom. Your healthy living aspects should be as fun-filled as possible.

Making your own juice and smoothies is like baking a cake, only the ingredients you’re using are all very good for you and your body. As part of your balanced eating plan, it will help to replenish and energize you for a more physically active life. That physically active life, of course, includes your regular exercise. Your regular exercise is going to include at least two weekly trips to the gym or a bout of domestic calisthenics. What do I mean by this last bit? Domestic calisthenics is what I like to also call hands-free exercise if you like.

You don’t need to use heavy weights. Your body is your weights. You’ll be rolling out a mat in your living room, if there’s space, or outside on the lawn, if the weather’s good, and you’ll also be doing stretching exercises to keep your body supple and flexible. This helps to take away the ill-effects of regular stiffness, especially during the early days of exercising. It’s also good for keeping back father time. Or old mother Hubbard.


Written by Gemma